Medicine Show — call for extras!

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We need a crowd. Invite your friends and family and Facebook RSVP (or just come out)

What: An old time Medicine Show
Who: Dr. Timothy Melchizadek Leviticus Ryan, Dom Flemons of the Carolina Chocolate Drops, and a selection of jugglers from the Asheville Runaway Circus
Where: Hayesville Town Square
When: Sunday, August 15th at 2pm

Our First Trailer

We have been talking about making a teaser trailer since before we started filming. Now that we are more than halfway through the filming schedule, we feel like we have enough to share just a taste. Here it is; three weeks of our lives and fifteen hours of footage distilled down into two minutes for your viewing pleasure:

Goin’ to a Dance on a Saturday Night

Kazoo Films wraps the long-anticipated square dance shoot! Thanks go to the John C. Campbell Folk School for allowing us to shoot at the majestic Festival Barn. Thank you so much to all of our wonderful, talented, and good-looking dancers who came from as close as Harshaw Rd. and as far as Atlanta and Asheville (and one from Colorado). Many folks stayed passed midnight, waltzing, swinging, diving for the oyster, shooting a hole in the old tin can, and (for a select few) smooching on the one they love the best.


...One Wheel Off and the Axle Draggin'

We must recognize Ted Cooley, Fo-Fo Oliphant and the incomparable J.D. Robinson for providing hours of dance music. They played perfectly for a really long time. Another major thank you goes to Anne Beal’s mother, Lou Reeves for preparing and donating the delicious and abundant supper. Thanks to Elienne Tevia-Clark for staying up past bedtime to eat candy and make his film debut! Thanks finally to Charlotte Crittenden for her brilliant and flexible dance calling abilities. Y’all are amazing. To say “we couldn’t have done it without you” would be stupid. You WERE the scene. You did it! Thank you!

People who have worked with me on this or other films know that I am very protective of my dailies (unedited, raw footage). I am very hesitant to do pre-screening, to post screenshots online, and I usually personally struggle with even watching them at home. However, I have seen some of this stuff, and it looks beautiful. This is going to be a great scene!

Gordy and the Candy (Heart) Breakers


the most exciting scene is still to come! And we need a crowd. Invite your friends and family and Facebook RSVP (or just come out)

What: an old time Medicine Show
Who: Dr. Timothy Melchizadek Leviticus Ryan, Dom Flemons of the Carolina Chocolate Drops, and a selection of jugglers from the Asheville Runaway Circus
Where: Hayesville Town Square
When: Sunday, August 15th at 2 pm

Where have we been?

As we all sit around Niki’s house – still stuffed and weary from the day’s shoot – Bruno asked me where I’d been and why I hadn’t been blogging.  Well, I’ve been on set, or I’ve been in Zuma coffee trying to figure out the next shoot, or I’ve been trying to be a good boyfriend through the throes of production, or (on rare occasion) I’ve been sleeping.  Life takes on a weird twist when you’re filming… things and people can go a little crazy.  So maybe the truth is I’ve sort of been on the crazy train.

But, crazy or not, the film is happening! It’s happening all around me and it’s picking up speed!  We shot in Texana  today and we’re going to a big location tomorrow morning.  I feel more often than not a sort of surprised looks adorns my face, which is actually just my brain trying fire off thought-bubbles fast enough to keep up with the pace.  It’s hard to believe that we have a less than a month left of shooting.  They say that filmmakers live on average 10 years less than your average construction worker/race car driver/WWE wrestler/astronaut and  I’d believe it too.  But, what can I say, I’m having the time of my life.  I guess for a while I thought this would be my first and last film but I’m coming around to the idea that it’s something that might not fade away after all.

I just need to figure out a way to have a puppy, a stable relationship, maybe a family someday, and god forbid some cash in my pocket.  But as Bruno says… “when the robots take over the planet only the insane, irrational, [and DIY independent filmmakers] will survive.”

Goat Day

Working with non-professional actors has been an important part of our process in making this movie. We have been witness to some wonderful performances from untrained actors so far, and yesterday we all felt that excited rush that comes from discovering a new talent, from seeing someone find a creative will inside themselves that they perhaps did not even know existed.

Billy, in the role of Nebuchadnezzer the pack-goat, delivered take after heartbreaking take. He is a bold new voice in the indie-film acting world, and a huge asset to this project. Big thanks to the Bennetts at Doubletree Farm for letting us play with him for the day.

bonfire bound and I can’t get home

The crew of Kazoo Films wishes to offer an absolutely enormous load of thanks to everyone who came out to Madison County last Saturday to make our first big shoot a success.

Even the movie-film aside, I think it was a really neat event: we had folks in from Asheville, Durham, Georgia, New York, Vermont, and more, amazing musicians all, assembled by some truly awesome cliffs around a truly ^*#!ing hot bonfire. The music was rad as all get out, and hopefully everyone had enough fun to feel good about a little sleep-deprivation the next day. Harrison, Nandan and I got about 45 minutes that night, in the dirt, by the  smoldering fire, bellies full of ice cream and OJ. Good thing I didn’t get into film-making for the glamor.

But: we got a ton of great looking (and sounding) footage. So the MOVIE-FLIM is off to some kind o’ great start. THANK YOU everyone for your enthusiasm, patience, and support. THANK YOU for filling the mountains with beautiful tunes. We O. U. 1. An extra special thanks goes to Raulle, Harrison’s mama, who was in town for the weekend and took the lead to FEED all of our hungry musicians, actors, and filmmakers. Ratatouille comes to Appalachia! Hallelujah! Also we gotta give thanks to Anne, Able and Claire, who showed up on Friday to help set up the location and haul all that firewood. You guys are too prudent (Nandan is trying to advocate “prudent” as slang for “cool,” and I’m supporting him).

Mind Meld

I like this blog because we can all use it as an outlet, a light melding of brains on a creative project (that allows for much less planning than making a film).

I can make an image of our favorite big rock
or an eighteen-second creative film
without discussion.

In the past month, The Flim has consumed 25 to 150 people-hours per day in interpersonal planning and consultation.  Four brains are attempting to function as one fourbrain.  Imagine four painters painting the same canvas at once.  Will it end up looking like one painting?  Reaching a singular vision means paying just enough attention to enough details so that they meld into one.  Every player can have a viewpoint on every detail.  Every detail is noticeable when you focus in on it, and the number of pinpointable details is near-infinite.  Color tone and white-balance, brightness, contrast and saturation, 24 or 30 fps, ISO and aperture, focus and depth-of-field, framing and camera motion, LIGHT, miking and mixing, pacing, posture and social communication, casting, costuming, cooking, locations, singing and strumming the right chord while not going completely expression- and motionless….  Every detail has the potential for meaning, even if it isn’t consciously taken in.  We split the responsibilities and look over shoulders, hopefully just enough that we’re confident that somebody is on top of it, whatever it is.  Sometimes we find ourselves talking about an “it” back-and-forth until we realize that we’re talking about different details.  Then it is the custom to say “Yes, you are right, let’s rock it” in unison.  I feel we are working towards a singular vision that is all of ours, and beyond each of ours.

Today we begin shooting.  Happy Interdependence Day. Our fourbrain becomes a more-and-morebrain as we pull folks into the project.  Comment, call, or email if you would like to join us.

Nandan Arrives

Dear World,

My name is Nandan. I recently joined the boys at 2671 East Fork to embark on my health-retreat of 2+ solid months of filmmaking. I have a room for me, myself and I, and if I lay down either direction I can’t touch both walls at the same time.

I arrived Saturday evening to meet my three friends in a hot new (used, but new) car that took me directly to one of the phenomena in the world that keeps me up latest at night: Cookout. For $3.99 I ate a platter made up of a pulled pork sandwich, onion rings, and hush puppies (new to me – imagine taking the hotdog out of a corndog). $1 more gave me a milkshake from one of forty different flavors.

Before I could finish my sandwich I was abruptly ushered into my second surprise: Sunrise Drive-Inn. $8 per car for a double feature – Toy Story 3 and Twilight: Eclipse.

I’m sorry this is sounding an awful lot like weird food/travel blog. Let me give you a quick run-down of my situation and thoughts about the film. I’m here to help these many good men make a movie, specifically I was asked to be the cameraman. After a few days of listening to the musicians and songs, I’ve recently been feeling extremely nervous. There is no possible way that the visuals of this film could approach an imitation of doing justice to the songs that are being sung. I’m actually just straight-up scared. I’m suggesting we release this as a radio-show.

Besides that – the country around here is gorgeous, the majority of this film is going to be in beautiful forest and super-cool looking old homes, and I’m surrounded by fresh bread and baked beans. And everyone plays some instrument proficiently and consistently. And I’ve completely lost any desire to shower consistently.

Here are some pictures of our hard prep-work: