Our First Trailer

We have been talking about making a teaser trailer since before we started filming. Now that we are more than halfway through the filming schedule, we feel like we have enough to share just a taste. Here it is; three weeks of our lives and fifteen hours of footage distilled down into two minutes for your viewing pleasure: http://kazoofilms.org/trailer/

Kazoo Films on the E-waves

Last night we took one small step for internet radio and one huge step for Kazoo Films.  We appeared on Shaina Kapeluck’s program “The Invisible Worm” on the E-radio station ashevillefm.org.  If you’ve ever been curious as to some of the underlying consciousness behind our work, I think that the show helps to scratch the surface of the experience that Bruno and I have had in creating this project.  And the music isn’t bad either.  We traded back and forth playing music with Shaina.  There are some pretty great tracks.  Many of our contributions are songs inspired by the film.  Hope you enjoy us on “The Invisible Worm!” Listen!