Two More Awards for If I Had Wings to Fly

If I Had Wings to Fly won the award for Best Feature Film this week at the Colorado Film Awards!

The film was projected onto the side of that mountain.

What an honor from Harrison’s home state.

Also, we received the award “Best Experimental Feature Film” at the Indie Gathering in Hudson, Ohio.

Keep your eye on this blog for updates about more screenings (and more awards?)!

Cranky Hanke ranks us higher than Men in Black 3

The popular Mountain Express film critic reviewed us here as a lead up to our June 7th showing. Phrases like “worthy” and “peculiar appeal” abound! He also managed to refer to our banjo-playing inspiration as “Bascom Lamarr Bascomb,” which, I hasten to add, is far from the worst I’ve heard.

See you on Thursday at 6:30 for live music by the Puddlejumpers, at 7:00 for the film, and then at the Jack of Hearts square dance immediately afterward!

We’re in at Appalachian!

So after long months of waiting we’ve started hearing back from film festivals! Our first official festival screening will be at the Appalachian Film Festival in Huntington, West Virginia. Our film will be leading off the festival on the evening of Thursday, Feb 23 at the Black Sheep venue. We’re super excited and can’t wait for the film to reach a broader audience. We hope to see some of you there (especially Ted Cooley and Cory Shenk)!

Sneak Preview Screening of “If I Had Wings to Fly”

Well well well,

We have a special announcement today. There will be a sneak preview showing of our film this October, the day after Forrest Oliphant’s wedding! This is your first big chance to see the project!

Now, this is a sneak peek – not the official premiere. There will be significantly more hullaballoo at the premiere, and it will also be held at a more central location than Murphy, NC (sorry Murphy). Also, please note that this advanced screening is in honor of Forrest’s wedding; the movie is not finished yet! There may be some outstanding sound issues, and color and resolution will not be finalized. Hopefully full credits will be in place, but no promises!

So, one and all are invited to the film showing, but if you can’t make it, don’t fret! There will be others! In the coming months, If I Had Wings to Fly will be coming to a theater near YOU!

Where: The Historic Henn Theater in Murphy, NC

When: Sunday, October 16th at 2 PM

The Henn theater has graciously offered to show the film without charging admission, but their concession stand will be open if you want to support the theater (which you should). And as always, Kazoo Films will be accepting donations to help out with the costs of finalizing the project – DVD printing and casing, posters, film festival submission fees, etc.

See you there!

What is the movie? “The Blind Pig and the Acorn” features Kazoo Films (Kazoo Films in E-ink!)

Yesterday’s entry of Tipper Presley’s excellent Appalachian culture-themed blog features in-depth interviews with Harrison and myself. For anyone out there who is still wondering what exactly the film is “about” this could be a pretty good clue – Tipper asked some good questions. Thanks to Tipper for the publicity. And thanks go to Tipper and her daughters Katie and Corie for appearing in the film as well!

Check it out HERE.

Marble House, photo by Tipper Pressley

Medicine Show Sunday

Sunday August 15th 2010, 2pm, Hayesville Town Square, be there!!!

Dr. Ryan and Felix will be showing the powers of the Miracle Elixir; Dom Flemons will be delighting with musical bravado; members of the Runaway Circus will be astounding with acts of daring; and the Kazoo Films crew will attempt to capture the scene….

Bring the whole family!

Medicine Show — call for extras!

If you want to help us publicize, click and print the full-size version and post around your home, town, school, and place of work.

We need a crowd. Invite your friends and family and Facebook RSVP (or just come out)

What: An old time Medicine Show
Who: Dr. Timothy Melchizadek Leviticus Ryan, Dom Flemons of the Carolina Chocolate Drops, and a selection of jugglers from the Asheville Runaway Circus
Where: Hayesville Town Square
When: Sunday, August 15th at 2pm