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Bruno Seraphin, Forrest Oliphant, Harrison Topp, and Nandan Rao at Max Patch, NC

We sometimes refer to ourselves as “interdependent filmmakers” – If I Had Wings to Fly was the combined work of many hands, imaginations, hearts and minds from different communities in the region. It was done on a micro-budget with a mostly non-professional cast and crew, and our emphasis during all phases of production has been to enact the spirit of community and the love of adventure that also drive the film’s storyline.

Kazoo Films generally embraces a “do-it-yourself” approach to film, building, borrowing, doing work trades for, or simply doing without many of the things for which larger production companies spend big bucks. The kazoo is the instrument that anyone can play!

Cast and Crew in Hayesville, NC

Bruno Seraphin would like to blame the following people for all the silliness that has transpired in the last year and a half: his uncle, for asking him to catsit and then inadvertently leaving “The Anthology of American Folk Music” sitting out on the table, his Grandpa for advising, “life, it turns out, is actually fairly short…” Oreo the pony, Bill-zy the goat, Argus the blind rooster, and Harrison, Harrison, and more Harrison. It’s not my fault! It was all supposed to be serious!

Forrest Oliphant has been on board since Bruno and Harrison pitched him in March of 2010.  It sounded like an adventure, and it has been a great one so far.

Harrison Topp partnered with Bruno Seraphin over a year ago to begin work on this project. The film is part pilgrimage, part exploration, part art, part abounding joy, and part headache. Our premise is simple: spend a year meeting every possible character, visiting every possible location, and making every possible friend, and by the time we’re done we’ll have a film. This is the beginning of the Harrison and Bruno collection.

Nandan Rao is still not exactly sure how he ended up in Western North Carolina or why Harrison and Bruno let him crash their party so vivaciously, but he’s got a free place to live and fresh bread every day and all he has to do to earn this luscious country livin’ is play with a camera every day for two months. And try not to blow it.


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  1. OMG! What happened to your heads? I leave you guys alone for a couple of days; you go off galavanting on Max Patch, getting into who knows what, and now, now look at you. YOUR HEADS!!! This is the four-brain, mind-meld Forrest was talking about. It’s weird, like that movie ‘The Host’ is weird. What else can I say… okay you guys are really ^*#!ing hilarious, thanks for having me along for this crazy “thing,” I mean movie.

  2. Best of luck with finishing up the movie. So nice trailer.


    (the above emoticon represents kirby, see it?)

  3. I love it when life feels full of freshly discovered little marvels. You guys are little marvels. Sorry for being a spaz on the dance floor the other night, but thank you for turning me on to this film!

  4. Hey guys,

    I came across your site and it’s great to see some WNC filmmakers! We have a yearly film festival, and this year we will be in the River Arts District. Maybe you would like to check it out! Our call for entries deadline is coming up April 15, if you’re interested (we also have extended deadlines).

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