New Characters and Great Rehearsals and Good Feelings

We’ve just returned from Brasstown! For those folks who don’t know, half of the film is going to be filmed in Madison County, NC (a very mountainous, sparsely populated county) and Cherokee County (a slightly less mountainous, sparsely populated county, and home of the John C Campbell Folk School).  We’ve been approaching people and telling them that we are community supported filmmakers – that our goal is to emphasize the participation and contribution of groups and individuals (we’re still seeking donations *wink wink*).  When it comes to getting actors on board, our approach is to get their full input and from there work with them to incorporate the character that they want to be into the film!  When an actor, or location owner, or organization feels dedicated to their role like we feel dedicated to the film, then everyone leaves the table feeling pretty great. Everyone we met with this weekend was like that.  One fellow insisted on driving to the location and blocking out how the scene should go.  Another asked question after question about our sound equipment and then couldn’t stop playing, singing, and throwing out ideas about what his character should be like.  One woman told us that she’s wanted her Grandmother’s house to be in the movies since she was a little girl.  Basically, in the past few days we’ve been able to gather some amazing locations and characters.

We’re trying to employ similar techniques in our rehearsals.  This past week we began rehearsing with our leading man, Forrest, and leading lady, Sadie.  They so closely resemble their characters that the chemistry they feel together translates to their acting, or at least that’s what it seems like.

The next two weeks will be a circus of rehearsals, tying up of loose ends, and dancing, and prop shopping.  If we can be half as productive as we were in this past week then we’ll be sitting pretty on July 1st, just in time for Nando to arrive and shooting to begin.

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  1. Exciting! Forrest told me a little about the movie last night. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with-I plan to keep up with your progress. Hope to see you back in Brasstown soon : )

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