The search for a title, even a working title, goes on.

Nothing has emerged as an obvious choice, and it may be that one day Harrison Forrest and I will be passing a billboard or listening to a song lyric, or reading something written on the inside of a bathroom stall and simultaneously all point and say, “That’s it!”

But until then, we are definitely entertaining suggestions.

“The Heart of a Stranger” appeared as an early idea, sort of a play on the “Dedication” poem. But honestly it’s a little too sappy for my taste. Lyrics from some of the film’s more important songs like “Mole in the Ground” and “Queen Jane” seemed like obvious places to look, but nothing really came together except for maybe “Root That Mountain Down” or “Roll On Buddy.” A rereading of the book of Jonah (to me one of the film’s thematic foils) was basically fruitless. Maybe we’ll find some good stuff in the book of Ecclesiastes.We shall see.

Anyway, send your title ideas and five dollars to: 835 Cargile Branch Marshall NC 28753. Until then, it will just be “THE FLIM.”

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