Year of the Possum

‘Year of the Possum’ is a celebration and exploration of the Green Grass Cloggers’ unique and exciting style of mountain folk dance.

When the Green Grass Cloggers won the world championship of clogging in the early 1970’s, they were upstarts. Their fresh and innovative take on this traditional form of Appalachian dance was exciting to those already familiar with flat-footing, buck dancing and clogging, and the team also had unprecedented success touring around the country and the world.

Forty years later, a handful of the original members are still dancing, and the team is seeing a revival of interest from young dancers. Year of the Possum: The Green Grass Cloggers’ 40th will be a lighthearted yet thoughtful documentary made by and amongst the Green Grass Cloggers themselves. It will bring you into the celebrations of the 40th anniversary milestone as the team looks backward and forward, and comments on their peculiar role as both the preservers and innovators of this distinctly American tradition.

Aiming to be 25-30 minutes in length, the film will combine interviews and performances from the summer of 2011 with footage culled from four decades of clogging on the road and at home in Asheville, North Carolina.

Like the team itself, Year of the Possum will not be geared toward making a profit. Rather, it will be a new step forward in continuing the Green Grass legacy, spreading the joy of community oriented dance and keeping alive a vibrant mountain tradition.

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