Mind Meld

I like this blog because we can all use it as an outlet, a light melding of brains on a creative project (that allows for much less planning than making a film).

I can make an image of our favorite big rock
or an eighteen-second creative film

without discussion.

In the past month, The Flim has consumed 25 to 150 people-hours per day in interpersonal planning and consultation.  Four brains are attempting to function as one fourbrain.  Imagine four painters painting the same canvas at once.  Will it end up looking like one painting?  Reaching a singular vision means paying just enough attention to enough details so that they meld into one.  Every player can have a viewpoint on every detail.  Every detail is noticeable when you focus in on it, and the number of pinpointable details is near-infinite.  Color tone and white-balance, brightness, contrast and saturation, 24 or 30 fps, ISO and aperture, focus and depth-of-field, framing and camera motion, LIGHT, miking and mixing, pacing, posture and social communication, casting, costuming, cooking, locations, singing and strumming the right chord while not going completely expression- and motionless….  Every detail has the potential for meaning, even if it isn’t consciously taken in.  We split the responsibilities and look over shoulders, hopefully just enough that we’re confident that somebody is on top of it, whatever it is.  Sometimes we find ourselves talking about an “it” back-and-forth until we realize that we’re talking about different details.  Then it is the custom to say “Yes, you are right, let’s rock it” in unison.  I feel we are working towards a singular vision that is all of ours, and beyond each of ours.

Today we begin shooting.  Happy Interdependence Day. Our fourbrain becomes a more-and-morebrain as we pull folks into the project.  Comment, call, or email if you would like to join us.

Born For Hard Luck

Megan Scott recommended this film to me months ago, and then it was one of the first things that Forrest mentioned when we told him about the traveling medicine show sequence of the film. But I didn’t get around to watching it until this past weekend (partly because of our highly limited internet access). Anyway, it’s amazing! You’re gonna love it.


Sam Jackson buckdancing in the opening sequence of the Born For Hard Luck, which you might recognize from Amélie.