Film Screening This Friday in Downtown Marshall

Come on up to Marshall this Friday night (November 2nd) for a screening of If I Had Wings to Fly at Good Stuff on Main Street!

It sure does.

When Harrison and I first moved to Marshall, Good Stuff was primarily a health food store. They sold a wide variety of teas, as well as some local crafts, and I think you could rent movies. Since then, they have expanded to be a sandwich shop, and a great film and music venue. They moved out of their smaller location and into an old church. Good Stuff continues to be a major social and cultural hub of Madison County! They rock!

Admission is free. We will be sharing the evening with an Old Time Jam (and maybe a square dance or two), as well as an opening for local artist Joe Dudasik. Food and beverage, music, dancing, art and film. Can’t beat it!

If I Had Wings to Fly starts at 7 PM.

The film-makers will be there for a quick Q+A, and we will have DVD’s and posters for sale. Spread the word!

Three Upcoming Screenings!

Oh baby!

November 2nd: Good Stuff in downtown Marshall, NC

November 5th: Eastern Carolina University, Greenville, NC

November 8th: Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, NC

Some combination of filmmakers Harrison and Bruno, and star Forrest Oliphant will be present to do a Q+A at each screening. See you there!

Screening at Swannanoa Gathering Old Time Week!

There will be an impromptu showing of If I Had Wings to Fly at the Swannanoa Gathering, tomorrow night! Tuesday 7/24 at 7:30 on the campus of Warren Wilson College.

This is a an unexpected treat. The Swannanoa Gathering rocks!


Thanks for Filling Up the Fine Arts Theater

Well, the premiere was a great success. The Puddlejumpers (Emolyn Liden, Topher Stephens, Dan Baker, and Doug Sharky) played some great tunes before the show, we had a big old crowd, and a nice little Q+A afterwards. A lot of fun, for sure.

Linoleum print poster by Saro Lynch Thomason

Thanks for your ongoing support; we’ll let you know what’s next for Kazoo Films and If I Had Wings to Fly. DVDs should be ready to ship in a week or two.

Asheville Premiere at the Fine Arts Theater

Spread the word:

If I Had Wings to Fly is playing at a theater near you (if you live in Western North Carolina)!

What: The official premiere of Kazoo Films’ If I Had Wings to Fly
Where: The Fine Arts Theater in downtown Asheville, NC
When: Thursday, June 7th at 7pm (6:30 for music)
How Much: $8.75
Who: Directors Bruno Seraphin and Harrison Topp, live old-time musical guests, you!

Linoleum print by Saro Lynch

This is definitely going to be the Asheville area’s number one folk music related film event of late spring 2012. Don’t miss it!


If I Had Wings to Fly showing at Appalachian State University

When: Thursday, April 19th at 7PM
Where: Greenbriar Theater, ASU, Boone, NC
What: If I Had Wings to Fly! Dr. Ryan’s Traveling Medicine Show (all the way from Cherokee County)! Q and A with filmmaker Harrison Topp!

Sadly, I won’t be able to make the screening, because I am currently living in New Orleans. Y’all go!

"And that's the truth if I ever told it."


If I Had Wings to Fly to screen in Memphis, TN

Everybody’s favorite indie folk-musical is screening this month in Memphis at the South Arts and Mid-America Arts Alliance Folklorists Retreat! From the South Arts website:

The Folklorists┬áRetreat is a gathering of academic, public sector, freelance, community scholars and graduate student folklorists for a weekend of networking, discussions, panels, professional development opportunities and fieldtrips…Our retreat theme, Stakeholders in Creative Economies, will address the role, challenge and success of the traditional arts to economic development.

I will be attending the retreat on a scholarship, and the film will be screened as part of the weekend’s agenda. A very exciting opportunity! The screening will be open to the public; you don’t have to be a folklorist to attend! So come one, come all, to see our film in Memphis!

(Asheville premiere coming soon. I promise.)

When: 9pm, Monday, April 23rd
Where: TBA, Memphis, TN


We’re in at Appalachian!

So after long months of waiting we’ve started hearing back from film festivals! Our first official festival screening will be at the Appalachian Film Festival in Huntington, West Virginia. Our film will be leading off the festival on the evening of Thursday, Feb 23 at the Black Sheep venue. We’re super excited and can’t wait for the film to reach a broader audience. We hope to see some of you there (especially Ted Cooley and Cory Shenk)!

Sneak Preview Screening of “If I Had Wings to Fly”

Well well well,

We have a special announcement today. There will be a sneak preview showing of our film this October, the day after Forrest Oliphant’s wedding! This is your first big chance to see the project!

Now, this is a sneak peek – not the official premiere. There will be significantly more hullaballoo at the premiere, and it will also be held at a more central location than Murphy, NC (sorry Murphy). Also, please note that this advanced screening is in honor of Forrest’s wedding; the movie is not finished yet! There may be some outstanding sound issues, and color and resolution will not be finalized. Hopefully full credits will be in place, but no promises!

So, one and all are invited to the film showing, but if you can’t make it, don’t fret! There will be others! In the coming months, If I Had Wings to Fly will be coming to a theater near YOU!

Where: The Historic Henn Theater in Murphy, NC

When: Sunday, October 16th at 2 PM

The Henn theater has graciously offered to show the film without charging admission, but their concession stand will be open if you want to support the theater (which you should). And as always, Kazoo Films will be accepting donations to help out with the costs of finalizing the project – DVD printing and casing, posters, film festival submission fees, etc.

See you there!