Year of the Possum trailer

As many of you know, I filmed the Green Grass Cloggers on their 40th anniversary tour, from April 2011 – February 2012. I have finished up shooting, and now I’m starting to edit. Here’s the film’s trailer!

Anyone wishing to donate funds to offset some post-production costs (getting the screen on my second computer repaired, printing and packaging fees for the completed film, film festival submission fees) may do through the kazoofilms website! Simply indicate in your payment that the donation is for “Year of the Possum.” A donation of any size is helpful, and very much appreciated!

Green Grass Cloggers Documentary


As some of you know, I joined the internationally celebrated traditional Appalachian clogging team the Green Grass Cloggers last September, shortly after we wrapped If I Had Wings to Fly. This is the team’s 40th year, and after some deliberation, in May we decided to start working on a documentary that would celebrate the 40th year milestone and chronicle the team’s fascinating legacy.

I have been filming our summer 2011 tour on borrowed cameras, and have decided to start actually raising funds to make this project happen.

So check out the kickstarter page for Year of the Possum HERE!


Born For Hard Luck

Megan Scott recommended this film to me months ago, and then it was one of the first things that Forrest mentioned when we told him about the traveling medicine show sequence of the film. But I didn’t get around to watching it until this past weekend (partly because of our highly limited internet access). Anyway, it’s amazing! You’re gonna love it.,1

Sam Jackson buckdancing in the opening sequence of the Born For Hard Luck, which you might recognize from Amélie.