Nandan Arrives

Dear World,

My name is Nandan. I recently joined the boys at 2671 East Fork to embark on my health-retreat of 2+ solid months of filmmaking. I have a room for me, myself and I, and if I lay down either direction I can’t touch both walls at the same time.

I arrived Saturday evening to meet my three friends in a hot new (used, but new) car that took me directly to one of the phenomena in the world that keeps me up latest at night: Cookout. For $3.99 I ate a platter made up of a pulled pork sandwich, onion rings, and hush puppies (new to me – imagine taking the hotdog out of a corndog). $1 more gave me a milkshake from one of forty different flavors.

Before I could finish my sandwich I was abruptly ushered into my second surprise: Sunrise Drive-Inn. $8 per car for a double feature – Toy Story 3 and Twilight: Eclipse.

I’m sorry this is sounding an awful lot like weird food/travel blog. Let me give you a quick run-down of my situation and thoughts about the film. I’m here to help these many good men make a movie, specifically I was asked to be the cameraman. After a few days of listening to the musicians and songs, I’ve recently been feeling extremely nervous. There is no possible way that the visuals of this film could approach an imitation of doing justice to the songs that are being sung. I’m actually just straight-up scared. I’m suggesting we release this as a radio-show.

Besides that – the country around here is gorgeous, the majority of this film is going to be in beautiful forest and super-cool looking old homes, and I’m surrounded by fresh bread and baked beans. And everyone plays some instrument proficiently and consistently. And I’ve completely lost any desire to shower consistently.

Here are some pictures of our hard prep-work: