Say Darlin’ Say

Sadie Adams singing Say Darlin’ Say in our film If I Had Wings To Fly.

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If I Had Wings to Fly screening in Montague, MA

Easily the most difficult state to spell.

Massachusetts: the most difficult state to spell.

Our film goes farther north than ever before! It will be shown at the Montague Grange (36 Main Street) on Saturday, January 19 at 7 PM.

There will be a square dance and a live band following the film, with caller Jeff Golay. $5-15 at the door. Unfortunately, Harrison and I will not be able to make it for a Q+A.



Feel free to get in touch with the organizer, Colleen, at [email protected]

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Kazoo Films strikes Historic Accord with Inner City Organic Pictures

OK, maybe that’s overstating it. But we have found a new friend in the world of film-making.

Filmmaker Brian Paul Higgins’ multiple award-winning project, Cure for the Crash, is a fellow DIY road movie that blends fiction and non-fiction elements. He’s been selling his DVD’s at public markets in New Orleans, and now he’s going to be selling our film, too.

Cure for the Crash – the Art of Train Hoppin’

Check it out here:

You can buy both films at the French Market in the Quarter every day, and nights on Frenchmen Street!

Our films rock a similar DVD packaging style

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If I Had Wings to Fly is now for sale at Acoustic Corner in Black Mountain

Come and get it!

105-F Montreat Road, Black Mountain, NC 28711
[email protected]
Hours: Monday-Friday, 10-7 / Saturdays, 10-5


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Film Screening This Friday in Downtown Marshall

Come on up to Marshall this Friday night (November 2nd) for a screening of If I Had Wings to Fly at Good Stuff on Main Street!

It sure does.

When Harrison and I first moved to Marshall, Good Stuff was primarily a health food store. They sold a wide variety of teas, as well as some local crafts, and I think you could rent movies. Since then, they have expanded to be a sandwich shop, and a great film and music venue. They moved out of their smaller location and into an old church. Good Stuff continues to be a major social and cultural hub of Madison County! They rock!

Admission is free. We will be sharing the evening with an Old Time Jam (and maybe a square dance or two), as well as an opening for local artist Joe Dudasik. Food and beverage, music, dancing, art and film. Can’t beat it!

If I Had Wings to Fly starts at 7 PM.

The film-makers will be there for a quick Q+A, and we will have DVD’s and posters for sale. Spread the word!

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Three Upcoming Screenings!

Oh baby!

November 2nd: Good Stuff in downtown Marshall, NC

November 5th: Eastern Carolina University, Greenville, NC

November 8th: Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, NC

Some combination of filmmakers Harrison and Bruno, and star Forrest Oliphant will be present to do a Q+A at each screening. See you there!


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If I Had Wings to Fly now available for Download!

You heard right. There is a suggested donation of $15 for a full download. Think… mere minutes you can be watching If I Had Wings to Fly in your own home! Technology!!

I got this on google images by searching for “magic computer.”

(For $20 you can order a DVD that comes with special features, handmade packaging and a note from the filmmakers, but it will invariably lack the instant gratification of a download).

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If I Had Wings to Fly – Attention Cast, Crew, and Donors:

DVD’s have shipped to all domestic (non-international) donors. If you donated more than $20 to If I Had Wings to Fly, and you don’t receive a DVD from us within a week or so, let me know!

Part 2. Were you in If I Had Wings to Fly? Did you sing a song, or play music, or dance, or say something cute? Did we film with you and your scene got cut? Did you help us out behind the camera, holding a boom pole, collecting props and art dept. equipment? A lot of people helped make this movie, and we don’t have all of your addresses, so please email me at:

[email protected]

and let me know where you would like your DVD sent!

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Rent If I Had Wings to Fly at Rosebud Video

This just in! You can rent our lovely film at Rosebud Video in Asheville!

197 Charlotte St! “Check it out!”

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Two More Awards for If I Had Wings to Fly

If I Had Wings to Fly won the award for Best Feature Film this week at the Colorado Film Awards!

The film was projected onto the side of that mountain.

What an honor from Harrison’s home state.

Also, we received the award “Best Experimental Feature Film” at the Indie Gathering in Hudson, Ohio.

Keep your eye on this blog for updates about more screenings (and more awards?)!

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